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Handshake of friendship

The desire to help others is one of our most positive human traits. Going it alone is also an innate characteristic shared by most of us. However, the two simply do not coexist well. A world of helpers can only be balanced if there exists people to receive support.

Accepting help from others is challenging. Asking for help is next to impossible for many, myself included. “I’m The Man To Call” came about from my desire to help others. Strangely though, after writing it, I could not believe the person about whom I had just written could be me. I was not strong enough to see my own positive qualities at the time. It is counterintuitive, but only after allowing myself to rely on those wanting to help me, was I capable of accepting the possibility I could truly help others.

I encourage you to accept help from those surrounding you. Be bold and ask for assistance when you need it. It gives the one who desires to help a bit of satisfaction, you can get through your problems faster and then go back to the preferred position of providing assistance to others.

The Man to Call

Taking Chances

no-risk-no-reward-text-concept-isolated-over-white-background-90111221Taking chances can be an excruciatingly difficult experience, but can also lead to tremendous growth and reward. Taking chances, like starting blog for instance, requires vulnerability.   This seemed a logical and appropriate first post.

Few people enjoy the feeling of vulnerability.  However, I am learning moments of vulnerability are most often followed by moments of unparalleled joy.  Take a chance.  I doubt you will be sorry.