Butt Ugly

The lobby of the building where I work is a five story open expanse with enormous walls of glass.  The echoey space is where I eat lunch most days.  From my preferred seat there is a great view all around of the people passing through.  Usually there is just a constant parade of casually dressed office workers.  However, one particular afternoon,  a very well-dressed young woman walked through the lobby wearing sky-high black heeled boots and a cocktail dress fitting like she was born in it.  I’m not a guy who typically stares at a woman, but this was different.  I could not take my eyes off her……and she was getting closer and closer!  The attention commanding work of living art came so close that I thought she was going to sit down across from me, but she didn’t stop. The fierce prance ever-so-close to my table continued, and then it happened.

Cigarette Ugly

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