The Unexpected Sharing Blog

Unexpected Sharing is a step in a journey toward living a more open and complete life. After writing for over 20 years and only sharing with a select few very close to me, it was time to make a choice. I either needed to take a leap and share more widely or build a fire and let it all go.

Through the support of some amazing people it became clear the choice would be to share my writing rather than destroy it. After some hesitation, I decided the sharing should occur in the form of a blog. The name comes from an evening when I shared one of my writings with a friend at dinner. The poem was inadvertently left behind on the table. Upon realizing it was left behind, I was surprisingly at peace with the fact someone unintended may read it. It was a moment of unexpected sharing.

The inspiration or event behind some of my writing will be shared when I post to the blog. I hope readers will be able to connect their own experiences to the work and find their own interpretations.

If something resonates with you, please reach out and let me know.  Leave a comment or click the contact link on the menu.

More About Me

I am proud to call myself many things including pharmacist, friend, brother and husband.  However, calling myself a writer or poet feels strange.  What I create is a means to process and release my experiences of living.

It began during my time as an undergraduate when I was sitting in a quiet corner of the Purdue Memorial Union trying to study for an exam.  The capacity necessary to remain focused on studying was missing that evening.  For the first time ever, I expressed thoughts and feelings on paper, and the release from that simple exercise was tremendous. Writing became a kind of therapeutic journaling, and has continued for over 20 years. I still have that first creation and the hundreds more that have followed. Reading number one all these years later makes my skin crawl. Cringeworthy is the best word to describe how it makes me feel; yet, everything must have a beginning.

My education is from Purdue University with both a B.S. and M.S. in horticulture as well as a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Despite an inordinate amount of time in college, I have not completed formal study of English or literature beyond the minimum required undergraduate courses. That fact is probably a driving force behind my reluctance to call myself a writer.

Outside of writing, I am into nearly every genre and era of music in existence. My days are filled with the music of Sinatra, Lord Huron, Ella Fitzgerald, Conway Twitty,  Dee Dee Bridgewater, Moon Taxi, Depeche Mode, the Boston Pops Orchestra, k.d. lang, Steve Martin and Edie Brickell, Prince, Enya, the soundtrack to Hamilton, Adele, John Pizzarelli, David Gray…… you get the picture.

Strength training, boot camp workouts, yoga, kayaking and bicycling are among the things I enjoy doing to stay physically active.  Sitting with a small group of friends engaged in deep conversation and respectful debate is what I find most enjoyable to remain mentally active.

Finally, it’s hard to beat an evening walk or quiet evening at home with my wife. Sometimes the simple pleasures are the most enjoyable parts of life.

Thank you for your interest and for reading. This truly is an experience in unexpected sharing.