The First Year of Eternity

Love, in all of its intangibility, is a thing of beauty and mystery.  When the connection between two people is so powerful it provides inspiration to others, love is a positive force beyond explanation.  On August 5th of last year, I had the privilege to witness a moment of this mysterious beauty when two of my cherished friends were married.

To honor the first wedding anniversary of this very special couple, I share the poem composed to celebrate their marriage.  The word composed is used deliberately, for this poem was not written by me.  I merely placed words together borne out of the inspiration these two provide to anyone fortunate enough to know them.

To Rachel and Curtis, thank you for the inspiration.  My celebration of you, your extraordinary bond and the blessing of having you as my family continues each day.  Your love is woven into who I am.


Power of Two

Everyday Heroes, Heroes Everyday

National Pharmacist Day occurs annually on January 12th.  You can find a good buddy and celebrate National Shower With a Friend Day on the 5th of February.  Grab your earplugs and ring in the Day of the Gong on June 21st.  Like tacos?  Then October 4th is the day for you.  How ridiculous is it that National Absurdity Day falls on November 20th?  It seems there is a day to celebrate everything, including superheroes.

Each year, April 28th is the day designated for paying tribute to the action stars of television, movies and comic books.  The Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman and Black Panther may all be able to inspire our imaginations and humanity, yet those are not the superheroes I will be celebrating on April 28th.

Senile old man sitting outdoor in superhero costume

Copyright: ljsphotography

We all know about superheroes.  Their mission is to assist those in need and make the world a better place to live without seeking the limelight.  People with these characteristics are around me everyday.  For example, my trusted friends who simply listen, provide support and help me to find my own inner strength in times of despair are endowed with superpowers.  The neighbors who noticed my mailbox had fallen over and put it back up one evening without even telling me are superheroes.  The stranger who paused longer than necessary to hold a door open for me when I was having a particularly bad day – she is a superhero.  All of my boot camp buddies who give every possible ounce of effort during a grueling workout have superpowers of inspiration.  The one I kiss goodbye each weekday as I leave for work – a superhero with powers that only I understand and benefit from every day.

One of my many personal superheroes inspired this poem.  Sorry Catwoman and Green Lantern, but I will be celebrating him and all of the other amazing people I am so very lucky to have in my life on National Superhero Day.