The First Year of Eternity

Love, in all of its intangibility, is a thing of beauty and mystery.  When the connection between two people is so powerful it provides inspiration to others, love is a positive force beyond explanation.  On August 5th of last year, I had the privilege to witness a moment of this mysterious beauty when two of my cherished friends were married.

To honor the first wedding anniversary of this very special couple, I share the poem composed to celebrate their marriage.  The word composed is used deliberately, for this poem was not written by me.  I merely placed words together borne out of the inspiration these two provide to anyone fortunate enough to know them.

To Rachel and Curtis, thank you for the inspiration.  My celebration of you, your extraordinary bond and the blessing of having you as my family continues each day.  Your love is woven into who I am.


Power of Two

I Can’t See

I have shared a number of posts extolling the love and support received from family and friends.  It is a blessing to have such an amazing group who cares for me.  However, my greatest source of strength and true foundation is at home.  My wife is not one for the spotlight and there have only been restrained mentions of her in the writing shared here.  But with this post, I exceed the recommended maximum wattage and let the spotlight shine.

We were out for a walk one Sunday evening late last summer.  No one else was around as we strolled along the trail, making it feel as if the park belonged only to us.  The sky was a cloudless crystal clear blue so brilliant it looked artificial.  All the vibrant colors of nature sizzled brightly under that sapphire canopy as if my vision had an augmented ability.  The focus of this heightened clarity turned toward my wife and an intense recognition of how fortunate I am to have her washed over me.

There was no magic raining down from the blue of the sky that evening.  The magic came from the person at my side.  Care to guess her eye color?

Blue Eyes Poem

Slumber In The Sky

The moon is often very prominent in the sky during my morning commute.  The cool silvery glow is a perfect transitional light from the period of rest and renewal at home to the mentally intense part of the day at work.


Photo credit: NASA Images

On one summer morning something in the sky was different.  An object with a bright golden incandescence hung in the sky very near the moon.  I assumed it was a plane, yet the object never moved position.  During the remainder of my drive, the moon and this other jewel in the sky remained as a pair.

From a google search for star near moon in the sky, I learned it was not a star glowing near the moon, it was a planet – Venus.  Immediately, my mind began racing.  There is a great deal of symbolism associated with Venus in art and mythology.  The allure and feminine mystique of Venus ignited my creativity and this poem resulted.