Spiritual Currency Symbol

If you have not yet read the blog entry related to the concept of spiritual currency, please take a moment to do so here.  The symbol connected with the concept has three elements:Spiritual Currency

  1. The symbol as a whole is a propeller representing me always moving forward to become a stronger person and one who is continually learning.
  2. The symbol is a lemniscate representing the cycle of giving and receiving.  One cannot exist without the other.
  3. The symbol is comprised of three letters – s a s
    • It represents the latin phrase suscipio accipit suscipio which translates to “support receives support”.
      • One “s” faces forward (it is surrounded by shading)
      • The center hub of the propeller is the “a”
      • The second “s” is inverted forming the lemniscate along with the first “s”

Spiritual currency symbol tattoo on my left ankle.