Shifting Sands

Dealing with change is a major challenge for me.  Continuing to move forward when routines and schedules are in flux may be my biggest weakness.  While processing a period of change, imagery of a flowing river carrying particles toward its terminus came to mind.  All the gathered bits of earth travel along, like sand flowing in an hourglass, and are eventually deposited to create something new at the delta.


Mississippi River Delta.  Credit: Nasa Images

A eureka moment happened when it occurred to me that delta is also the symbol used to represent change in an equation.  The recognition of multiple meanings for words like ‘delta’ and ‘current’ was intriguing.  Sand represented both the passage of time and parts of my routines that were changing.  New land is created at the terminus of a river, just like the grains of my life were shifting to eventually create new routines.

Writing this poem helped me get through that time of change.  I realized change occurs with breakdown of status quo but also creates something new and fertile.

Let’s take a ride on the river together.

River. Delta.

Just Chill

There was a period with my writing where I experimented with the placement of words on the page as much as the meaning of the words chosen.  Part of the overall mental and emotional release was to see the shape of the finished poem.  “Pause” is an example from that time period.


The number of words is few, leaving space for contemplation – like a chant or prayer.  Nearly 20 years passed from the time this was written to when I saw it again.  The effect was exactly the same as when it was new.  My whole being slowed down, and everything did pause.  A beautiful pause.  An appreciative pause.  A healing pause.