Slumber In The Sky

The moon is often very prominent in the sky during my morning commute.  The cool silvery glow is a perfect transitional light from the period of rest and renewal at home to the mentally intense part of the day at work.


Photo credit: NASA Images

On one summer morning something in the sky was different.  An object with a bright golden incandescence hung in the sky very near the moon.  I assumed it was a plane, yet the object never moved position.  During the remainder of my drive, the moon and this other jewel in the sky remained as a pair.

From a google search for star near moon in the sky, I learned it was not a star glowing near the moon, it was a planet – Venus.  Immediately, my mind began racing.  There is a great deal of symbolism associated with Venus in art and mythology.  The allure and feminine mystique of Venus ignited my creativity and this poem resulted.



Run For The Border

Sunrise in Plainfield Indiana, April 2017.   Photo credit: Curtis Clem

I received a message from a very good friend one morning telling me not to miss the sunrise that particular day.  His message included a picture of the dawn.  I was already at work locked away from the outside world in my cubicle, but his photo made me go to a window immediately.  What I saw was amazing – colors like I have never seen on the horizon and in the sky.

Later in the day I was having lunch at the most inspirational place anyone can choose to dine……yes, I’m talking about Taco Bell.  Okay, my choice of lunch spot was not inspired, but I did have a really good view of the sky from my table.  My mind began to wander and I thought back on the photo and how amazing the sky had looked just hours before.  That experience gave me the writing I share in this post. I hope you are as blessed as I am to have people who spread sunshine in your life.

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 6.28.25 PM