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Spiritual Currency3

This is not the poem I had planned to share this week, but with the recent natural disasters, seeing so many in need and just as many providing assistance, the timing feels right.  This one is similar to the recent post Call Me, in that my writing has had a strong theme of giving and receiving in recent months.

The events leading to this happened over the past year or so, but the poem was written just two weeks ago.  It took some time to piece together and process all the gifts I had received in that time period.

Spiritual CurrencyDuring my journey of moving toward living a more open life, I received some life-altering assistance from a few very close friends.  I found myself with recurring thoughts that I could never repay what had been given to me.  Still, I needed to find some balance and make sense of why I had been blessed to have such extraordinary people in my life.  I began to think beyond just myself – to society as a whole.  Eventually the concept of spiritual currency developed and expanded beyond present time to something crossing lifetimes.  The concept went so far that I even developed a symbol to represent spiritual currency (shown above).  I now wear it proudly as a tattoo on my left ankle.  If you are interested, a full explanation of the symbol is here.

The concept of spiritual currency is very important to me, and sharing this is frightening. I hope you find this post meaningful and enjoy reading the poem.  It is dedicated to three people I am blessed to call my friends.  I will not name them here, but I will be reminding each how special she or he is for the rest of my life.

Spiritual Currency2

Call Me

Handshake of friendship

The desire to help others is one of our most positive human traits. Going it alone is also an innate characteristic shared by most of us. However, the two simply do not coexist well. A world of helpers can only be balanced if there exists people to receive support.

Accepting help from others is challenging. Asking for help is next to impossible for many, myself included. “I’m The Man To Call” came about from my desire to help others. Strangely though, after writing it, I could not believe the person about whom I had just written could be me. I was not strong enough to see my own positive qualities at the time. It is counterintuitive, but only after allowing myself to rely on those wanting to help me, was I capable of accepting the possibility I could truly help others.

I encourage you to accept help from those surrounding you. Be bold and ask for assistance when you need it. It gives the one who desires to help a bit of satisfaction, you can get through your problems faster and then go back to the preferred position of providing assistance to others.

The Man to Call