Round And Round We Go

What I have posted to this point has generally been positive and uplifting (at least that has been the goal).  Claiming my writing is always of this manner would be a complete lie.  Lack of honesty is not what this blog is about.  It is about open, vulnerable sharing and this post takes a turn away from the sunshine and flowers.


Photo by Harpal Singh on Unsplash

There is a commercial on TV promoting a medication using the slogan, “Depression Hurts.”  If you ask me, a much more accurate statement would be “Depression Sucks”.  I do not like to admit to my struggles with depression, much less talk about it in the open.  However, denying the existence is not a productive means of dealing with it.

I am learning that depression thrives on isolation and darkness.  It withers when the struggles and battles are openly discussed.  The enemy of depression is light, and sharing this poem publicly is an effort to shine light like I have never done before.

I am winning the battles, yet there are days depression tries mightily to grip my being and maintain control.  This was written on a recent day when a battle ensued.  Writing the poem was an attempt to capture the feelings depression brings.

Let the light shine.


Merry No Found

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